The Leap

the glowing coals spread on the ground
like jam across the morning toast
beckon to me, call out to me,
invite me like a virgin host
come walk on me, have no fear
there will be pain, but so much more
elation, happiness, bliss, and pride
emotions like you never felt before

they are playing the siren song of life
to follow or not I must decide
whatever it is I resolve to do
I am exposed, no chance to hide
knowing it’s up to me and me alone
my heart beats wildly, my lips are dry
I look for guidance, maybe a sign
for what is true, for what’s a lie

the sand is running in my hour glass
but still I cannot make up my mind
nobody knows what lies around the bend
thoughts, actions, feelings all intertwined
fear and hope play a game of catch
I agonize, am in this mire much too deep
now a full breath, my mind is clear
as at long last I take the leap


My hand still feels the
soft curve of your breast
my lips still taste the
fullness of your mouth
my skin still retains the
warmth of your tender body
my heart still beats in
solidarity with yours
in my mind we are still together
even though you left
you are still with me
our souls never parted
we still are and will always be

Memories of Last Night

A hesitant smile spreading slowly from

A corner of her lips across

The whole face getting entangled

In her black hair, lighting it up

To where her eyes, now all krinkly,

Resemble dried raisins in sunshine


Memories of last night turning that

Smile into an infectious delicious giggle

Losing the battle to suppress it

With a ripened tomato red creeping

Up across the cheeks transforming

The giggle into happy laughter


The laughter taking over her whole body

Emanating from deep inside

With belly, breasts, arms, and legs

Wiggling like freshly prodded pudding

Remembering his face

When she said “no”

Writer’s Block

The computer screen is
Staring me in the face
Like an empty paper
Without life or grace

I want to fill it all with
Letters, words, and more
Bring this ship of sentences
Safely to the shore

But no matter how
Hard I work and try
My inability to write
Makes me want to cry

It is extremely sad to be
A writer with not much success
Quietly sitting here alone
Loaded down by stress

Suddenly there is
An inkling of a thought
But on a closer look
It is all for naught

Staring mutely at the screen
I give in to a hunch
Nothing more will happen
I’m going out for lunch

Moon Candy

Walking at night

With the moon

Hanging like

A Pinata

Above my head

If I had a stick

I could hit it

And candy would rain

Down on me

Like confetti

Moon candy

Nobody ever had any

Moon candy

I would be the first

And could get rich

And famous

But I had no stick